A pub with culture

Last night I had the chance to go to a traditional Irish music do. It was amazing. They just get together and play songs. No fee to watch. All you have to do is buy a drink at the bar. I only spent a few hours there, as it started at 11pm I couldn't really... Continue Reading →

The Swimming Pool Scene

Today I went swimming. Something I haven't done in years. Swimming is my favorite form of sport. Just you and the water. Doing what ever you want. I usually spend my time trying to push parts of my body. Front crawl with my hands curled up as fists. Back crawl and making circular motions with... Continue Reading →

The Dog Had Her Own Car

Unusual title I know. It was the title of the performance I saw last night. It wasn't one from a play or a musical. It was an amalgamation of poetry and prose. A group called the Carlow Writers, who wrote a Series of poems and songs and three actors and actresses performed them. It was... Continue Reading →

The Little Things In Life

I have been in Ireland for only a couple of days now. And already I have done more productive things then I have in ages. I went to the gym! Ok no, I may not have gone to the actual gym part, I went for a swim instead, but that's still exercise. Some would say... Continue Reading →

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