A pub with culture

Last night I had the chance to go to a traditional Irish music do. It was amazing. They just get together and play songs. No fee to watch. All you have to do is buy a drink at the bar. I only spent a few hours there, as it started at 11pm I couldn't really... Continue Reading →

The Book Club

Reading is one of the best ways to escape our reality, that and video games of course. You can spend hours in a crime thriller following the lead detective find the clues. A mystery murder, where the killer is still there and you have to find out who that is. Reading is something I am... Continue Reading →

The Swimming Pool Scene

Today I went swimming. Something I haven't done in years. Swimming is my favorite form of sport. Just you and the water. Doing what ever you want. I usually spend my time trying to push parts of my body. Front crawl with my hands curled up as fists. Back crawl and making circular motions with... Continue Reading →

The Dog Had Her Own Car

Unusual title I know. It was the title of the performance I saw last night. It wasn't one from a play or a musical. It was an amalgamation of poetry and prose. A group called the Carlow Writers, who wrote a Series of poems and songs and three actors and actresses performed them. It was... Continue Reading →

The Aftermath of Moving

When I moved. It was a quick last decision thing. My mother and I gave ourselves a month to get everything packed and moved. We got the movers booked and the flights and soon parted. One part of moving one has to always keep an eye on is when you put stuff into storage. Something... Continue Reading →

The Little Things In Life

I have been in Ireland for only a couple of days now. And already I have done more productive things then I have in ages. I went to the gym! Ok no, I may not have gone to the actual gym part, I went for a swim instead, but that's still exercise. Some would say... Continue Reading →

I’ll Do It Tomorrow…

Procrastination... We all do it You can say to yourself that you don't , but lets face it, we have all put something off and done something else instead. There are those that clean, there are those that play games and there are those that work on something else. I am a chronic procrastinator. I... Continue Reading →

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