Hi all, A lot of things has happened since we last spoke. So shall I begin? Not long after my last post I received a call about a possible job that was in London. I spoke it through with the boss and the logistics with the family. And just like that, I not only had... Continue Reading →

Dungeons and Dragons

Ever wanted to find way to transport yourself from this boring dull world to something a little more magical? Then maybe you should try Dungeons and Dragons.. all you need is a whole load of imagination, a sense of humor, the ability to problem solve, time, patience, a fuckton of dice and your sanity. So... Continue Reading →

Art! Looking Back (Part Three)

And yet another post about my terrible drawings! But in order to get better one must practice. And this may be torture for me right now but I can imagine in a few years time, I may be able to create something amazing. This page is an amalgamation of streets, cities and houses. With pen,... Continue Reading →

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