Hi all,

A lot of things has happened since we last spoke.

So shall I begin?

Not long after my last post I received a call about a possible job that was in London. I spoke it through with the boss and the logistics with the family. And just like that, I not only had a job but also a brand new deadline.

Now I had a few weeks to get my stuff together and get myself off to London.

So, all I had to do was buy a ticket, find a place to live and get all my stuff together.

First things I looked for was the place to live. Spotahome saved my life, I found a place within the first week. I know I know, it may be a fake, it may actually be a dump, blah blah blah.

Well I went through with it, put the deposit down and entered the contract.

Now for the tickets to London. Either the most expensive or the most stressful part to anyones journey.

I looked at planes… that was a quick search, the tickets were sooo expensive. So I looked else where, boat tickets were a good start. And then boom! I found it, A coach journey all the way to London.

Okay, it was a 12 hour journey BUT it was not expensive AND I could bring along a suit case with me with no extra charge.

I thought It was perfect.

So I got everything done and planned for the move, got the job, got all the little things sorted.

So when the day came, I simply put my bags into the car and set off to the bus stop.

And 12 hours later…. I was at London Victoria.

Same day, I got into the flat, unpacked and immediately did my first shop for food and other such stuff.

I had a week to get settled before starting work and I did make the most of it, I walked around London, Bought some stuff, settled in.

And now we are here,

Me in London and Working,

Until next time…

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