Art! Looking Back (Part Three)

And yet another post about my terrible drawings! But in order to get better one must practice. And this may be torture for me right now but I can imagine in a few years time, I may be able to create something amazing.

This page is an amalgamation of streets, cities and houses. With pen, pencil and watercolour. Trying something new. In order to create anything to do with objects I have to concentrate on the depth of the image, the fact that the closer something gets the bigger that object gets.

Another page of buildings, cities and also a tool.

Can you tell i usually free hand my art? Cause I think if I want to do anything with buildings I am going to have to use rulers! Wow those lines





A page of the imagination. Well imaginative creates found in fantasy.

I just really want to be able to draw a dragon! don’t know why but I want to






A page of ocean creatures. I love the sea and everything in it.

This page has a few discoveries onto why I shouldn’t draw certain things from certain angles










A Page of faces and eyes… OOooOOO

So yeah, learning more about proportion is bettering my understanding of where things go on a face. It is actually far harder than you realize to draw a face




So this is one page with many things on it..

So I saw a challenge to create a movie poster using a name generator… I got Phoenix in the White House. And this was what I came up with.

Not too bad but defo could do with another version and maybe some colour.


Until next time…

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