Art! Looking Back (Part Two)

Keeping with this current theme, I am going to keep looking through my sketch/scarp book… I am now going to give this weird thing a name, my Journey Memory skarpbook ok so I havent gotten that far. But for now I will just call it my sketchbook, because it is just that. A book filled with art, a sketchbook!



First page to have a load of fashion drawings. These are some of my favorite drawings I have done so far.

I mean all I needed was a pencil and my imagination. I tried with the shading and I think I pulled it off, but I do want to practice that a bit more…



I did these drawings a few years ago. Back when I was doing my Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. Probably my best year in my education journey so far.




This was one of my first project pieces when I was at school, I had to recreate something if I can remember correctly… So I just recreated this advert. I like it and so it goes into the book






This was my first proper watercolour page… even though it is my main medium. I do love watercolours. Something about both the calmness of painting with it but also the finish of the piece.





This is probably one of my least favorite pages in the book. Why did I put it in? because its a progression into portraiture. The shapes, the shading, the proportions. But I still have a lot to learn going forward.







Another page, this time with colour. Nose change because by god are they hard to draw. I kinda know what to improve on after seeing this, proportions!!!




Until next time….




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