Art! Looking Back

So it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted. In that time not much has happened.

My stuff arrived from England. Which means I now have all of my art sketchbooks and artist books (of which I have many).

There’s one in particular which is sort of a sketchbook/scrapbook filled with old and new ideas and drawings. It’s a sort of development book to see how far I’m going.






First page. The “getting back into art” page. They are basically just doodles but I still liked them

enough to stick them in.






An attempt at portraiture… must I say more

Hair is definitely one of my favorite parts of drawing faces. When it’s from a photo, it’s just random shapes here and there. And the main defining part to it is the shading (can you tell I can’t shade?!?)

However when I look at this page I know that I must practice portraiture some more. Maybe even look at a few how to’s






The First Page where I simply just draw with pen. Something I do love doing. Pen is so simple yet can create some amazing pieces… if done right.

This page however is once again a beginning. remembering how to do the crosshatching in order to create shadows.





This is maybe my least favorite page in this post. a few pencil drawings and a collage of a nebula made from a cut out from vogue.

Ok so, the pencil drawings are a landscape, a flower and a mechanical thingy. I mean, there is no shading and it could be made better. This page is a simple reminder that there is always room for improvement.




Ink, ink and even more ink!!

I love this page. It was so much fun to create. Going back to total childish nature and blowing through a straw to get ink around the page.







Another Page of inks. Different colours, mixing it with gold dust and seeing it what it creates.

Seeing this page is more a lesson for possible future art for me. Seeing the random nature of what could happen. The way the colours mix and intertwine as well








Yet another page of Ink!

This time looking more at what shapes I could create with ink. For example the two black blown ink testers, I was trying to see if I could create tree like shapes. Maybe an idea for later use










cause I just love this method!







This is maybe one of my favorite pages in the book so far.

A drawing of a friend in all her elven glory using magic to her advantage.

I used watercolour and pencil, one of the more usual mediums I use when doing art.







Another two drawings of my friend. This time more figure drawings then anything else

Can you tell that I don’t like to draw faces?

That is definitely one thing I need to improve on.




A first look into the sketchbook/scrapbook of art I have done in the past few years and elements of things i have done in the past few months. The reason why I have this and add to it is because this way I have a better understanding of where I am in my journey. And also how far I am to my goals in Art.

Until Next time…






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