The Move… Again

As you all know I am moving to Ireland.

This will be the second time I move countries in 6 months. So I should know by now what to do… let’s see shall we?

A small list of important things to do in the next couple of weeks:

  • Get paid for my last month of work from France!!
  • Open a bank account
  • Apply for a PPSN
  • Get a job

Doesn’t look too daunting. I mean that last one might take a bit of time. But I am optimistic about this

Now here comes the next list. The list of extra things to do. Or at least look into.

  • Social life – find groups and societies around town
  • University – campuses and subjects
  • Online course or foundation to do before university

So a few more things but easy to do.

Now I know I’m moving and things are in motion, I have a much better feeling.

Yeah sure. It didn’t work in France. Am I sad about it? No, I will always want to visit Paris and see the sights. Will I ever move back? The world is my oyster, I could move to India for all I know!!

I do think now I am moving to Ireland i will be able to visit England more, seeing friends and such. And this is what I want to do.

So yeah, this is me for now.

Until next time…

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