Looking Forward

I sort of had a weird week this week.

arguments and epiphanies, all via text.


I am 21 years of age. I quite university, the place I thought was somewhere I could call home is not that at all and I am taken for granted at work. I have just spent the last month and a half not working, meaning I have not been earning.

Reason? Because I was told we were cancelled.

Things get complicated in life, this is the lesson I am taking from this week. Things can look one way but actually be another.

Another lesson I took from this week was, without that special something that makes you stand out, you blend in with the background. I think if I had finished my degree or started an online course earlier I may have been able to turn the tables to my advantage. But life sucks!

Now I have learnt.

Now I have the knowledge to move forward.

I will move back to my mother, because lets face it mums are the best sorts of people, I will get a job and I will start again… again.

I will not try to end any friendships or relationships I have made in France, but life sort of has its own way of deciding that for you. Yes there will be more arguments, tiers and goodbyes. But as they say “as one door closes another opens” or something like that.

I was the first of my friends to leave uni and embark on life, I now know that was a terrible decision. There really is strength in numbers.

So here I am, starting again, again.

Lets see how far I can go…

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