Ireland’s Got Talent

This is something that my cousine wanted me to watch. And so I did.

It’s brilliant.

Same model as Britain’s Got Talent but in Ireland. And there is so much talent

There was one night that showed this one guy named Zacc. He was amazing. He danced to Ru’Paul and he slayed !

Throughout the show the presenter says to take care about the spelling when voting. And at the end of each act their voting information comes up on screen.

Here are the rules for the end. All the acts goes up on stage and the presenter starts saying the names of those who did not get through. Until there are 3 acts left. Then they say who out right gets through on votes alone.

For the last two acts the judges have the choose between them. If they cannot then they revert back to the public votes.

So. It starts.

All the votes from the public gets added up and the presenter starts saying who didn’t get through

Name after name. With a spotlight over them changing from white to red. All the while everyone at home is kinda routing for this one guy, Zacc.

It gets down to the last 4 acts and he is still in. The tension is high and everyone has already got it into their minds that he is going through

Then it happens. She says his name… there’s a pause. AN ACTUAL PAUSE. His light turns red and no one can believe it.

Goodbye Zacc.

But there is still hope. He could come back as the Wild Card for the final. But we will have to wait for confirmation.

Until next time…

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