A View of the Countryside

I am now staying with my aunt and uncle for a few days. It’s wonderful.

Got my bag packed and left. Only one down side. I realized this morning I forgot to pack another jumper. So I only have one. The one I was wearing that day.

Yes I packed everything else but I feel like a total imbecile. I did pack a few things for the weekend but that’s not what I’m worried about. I am going to be wearing the same jumper and jeans for a couple of days. I will look like I never change!

But then again, meh. I’m on holiday. Yeah, I’ll just say that.

One great thing about living in the countryside are the views. And apparently in Ireland the views are 10 times better.

Imagine a sunset, the sky painted with oranges and purples. And every color intensifying around those mountains.

I kinda can’t wait to see what I will be doing today. Or tomorrow!!!!

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