The Book Club

Reading is one of the best ways to escape our reality, that and video games of course. You can spend hours in a crime thriller following the lead detective find the clues. A mystery murder, where the killer is still there and you have to find out who that is.

Reading is something I am finding I am doing a lot more of. Now I have the time. And as I read each book I simply put it away and it never see the light of day again.

I can never remember the name of the book or the name of the author when I am trying to recommend it to a friend.

This is the reason why I am going to open up this section. To put the book, the name, the author, the everything. All into one place. So I can easily access it.

And like a book-club sort of thing I am also going to put my thoughts and feelings. And also whether I would recommend it or not.

Until next time…



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