The Swimming Pool Scene

Today I went swimming. Something I haven’t done in years.

Swimming is my favorite form of sport. Just you and the water. Doing what ever you want.

I usually spend my time trying to push parts of my body. Front crawl with my hands curled up as fists. Back crawl and making circular motions with my hands 45 degrees away from my body.

These are the sorts of things that push me to build stamina and a bit of muscle.

But that was before.

After a few years of not swimming. I find that I am finding it hard to even do 10 minutes of constant swimming.

This frustrates me. Yes, I know that after a few years of not doing any sport or exercise would have an effect. But this cannot stand.

To think that I was actually a good swimmer to now, no stamina and being rusty at just about everything.

But then when I looked around. I can see people of all ages pushing themselves and having fun.

Children at one end. Screaming and playing with floats and splashing each other. With their parents in the gym just behind a wall of glass over looking them.

Experienced swimmers at the other end. In their lanes and constantly swimming in a clockwise motion. Pausing every now and again to gain some well deserved air and checking the time.

Then there are those in the middle. Those that are either just starting out or just wanting to take a more relaxed approach to swimming. These people are either in a group always chatting while doing the breast stroke. Or those, like me, that are alone and just trying to gain a bit of exercise.

The pool I go to has also a steam room and a sauna. So when your done for the day you can relax and sweat out in one of these rooms.

The last time I was in the sauna. There were two guys already there. They were talking about the current debate going on in the news. I won’t go into that as it’s a bit too political for this post. But it was interesting to hear.

Then when your done. You simply go back to the changing rooms. Take a shower and change.

I do miss swimming and I will be wanting to find a pool near the house back home.

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