One Annoyance Of A Forgetful Mind

Yesterday I walked into town with Mum. The plan was to part ways and meet again in a few hours in a pub called Dunn Ri.

So when we parted ways I walked around town. Did a bit of sight seeing. And a bit of window shopping. I even found a few things I wanted to buy.

It all went down hill when I wanted to buy a cup of tea and read one of my books. I thought that taking some cash out from a ATM would be an easier way of paying. So like any normal person I waited to the last minute to take out my card and put it into the machine.

Only thing wrong with this was… I could not find my card.

I entered a small panic. Searching my pockets. My wallet. My bag. Until the moment of clarity. I knew where I put it.

I had used it that morning. I had put it on my bed side table. It was at home.

With a sigh of relief I started to walk back to the house. 15 minutes later I found myself back to the front door. I rang the door bell and a few minutes later… no response.

I rolled a cigarette and made a plan that once I finished it I would walk back into town. So I did.

Found a bench by the river and started to read. From a day thinking I would visit a few cafes and shops. To a day spent running around with no cash. One thing that will never happen again.

One annoyance of a forgetful mind. Sometimes you can go into the day thinking everything is in its right place. Forgetting that actually it’s not. And when you need it most and it not there. It takes a good 5 minutes to remember where you had put it.

This is something I want to improve on. I hate this. I know a few things to keep this from happening. To always put things back into there right place.

Until next time…

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