The Aftermath of Moving

When I moved. It was a quick last decision thing. My mother and I gave ourselves a month to get everything packed and moved.

We got the movers booked and the flights and soon parted.

One part of moving one has to always keep an eye on is when you put stuff into storage. Something we did. We had way more stuff then we had first thought. Because of this the storage company had to put everything into 2 units. This could not continue.

Yesterday we went down to see what we could chuck and take back to the house, or give away to others.

We knew we had a few things that others have said they would keep. A bed and some other bits n bobs.

So we planned the day out. This should have only taken around 3 or 4 hours max. A day filled with driving and heavy lifting.

This was also the day I learnt that things don’t always go to plan. Yes we planned the route. We got the timings of each part of the task. But what we did not expect was traffic or other external factors.

Instead it took us an extra hour to get everything done. Still not too bad in my books. I got to see the beautiful countryside of Ireland. Something I would highly recommend to anyone.

Also I got to get a subway and a KFC, do love a bit of fast food. Maybe a bit too much.

So at the end of the day I found an amazing movers and storage company that gives amazing customer service, careline, and got to see a few sights.

Until next time…

6 thoughts on “The Aftermath of Moving

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    1. Thank you. One great way for me to improve is to continue writing. I guess you could say it’s yet another reason for me to blog.


      1. Due to me only being on holiday I am only writing about day to day life at the moment. Soon I hope to be delving into the goals I have set myself once I am back home. If my content is the sort of thing that would fit into your platform then yeah I would love to.


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