A Family Outing

Yesterday was a great new experience for me. I went out to a hurling match.

I was asked if I wanted to go and seeing as I had never been nor did I understand any of the rules I accepted.

My uncle and aunt arrived with my cousines and we set out to Kilkenny, where the match was taking place. The women of the family did not find it interesting so they went off into a shopping center and said to meet them there afterwards.

Finally we got to the stadium. Filled with adults and children a like. All wearing the colors of the team they were supporting. I even bought a wrist band for the team I was going to support.

You know, I have been one for sport. I never found it interesting. Never played any team sports when I was younger. So this was either going to be the thing that changes my mind on everything or the thing that confirms my feeling. All sports were boring.

But when that first whistle blew I was greeted with interest and excitement. I was actually enjoying the game. It was so tense and violent. Each time the two teams were fighting for the ball it was like watching two bulls fighting with each other. Standing their ground and ramming into each other.

From what I could understand it was a mixture between football and rugby but played with rackets or a type of bat.

I was standing at times. I was screaming and cheering at others. I found myself actually getting into it.

Something I would have never thought I would say. I actually enjoyed watching a group of people fighting over a ball to hit it through two poles. It was delightful.

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