The Little Things In Life

I have been in Ireland for only a couple of days now. And already I have done more productive things then I have in ages.

I went to the gym! Ok no, I may not have gone to the actual gym part, I went for a swim instead, but that’s still exercise. Some would say that’s the best exercise.

It felt great. To be back in the water. I think it has been a good few years since I had swam last and now that I have gotten a small taste of it again I will be returning.

Also while I have been here I have seen the neighboring town, been to the pub (more times then I have been since moving to France), seen family, been shopping and had time to read my book. It seems as though my days are filled with things to do.

Yesterday was a lovely day. Got to wake up with no alarm, go on a walk (which is something I don’t think I ever do, well I ever do willingly), see family and visit the theatre

Yep, I visited the theatre. And it was amazing!

The play was called Educating Rita, it was an adaptation of the film. something I had not heard of before. All about a young working class lady who wants more out of life.

I won’t say too much about the story because I would recommend watching the film. The play was just amazing and portrayed everything so well. It was comprised of only one actor and one actress. They held out attention all the way through and was able to hold their distinct accents as well. She had a northern accent while he had a posh upper class one.

The part that really got me focused was seeing the relation between the two characters develop and also how they were able to make the entire story work with only using the two main characters.

To me this was an amazing adaptation and has also made me want to watch the film just to see all the other characters mentioned.

This was the staging area. Just the study. Nothing else was used.

I loved it after we went to the pub for a few drinks and then hit home. A great day.

Until next time

Never change, your perfect

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