Day 1 – More Goals


March is the month of birthdays. It also includes mine and a few of my family members. So I decided to go to Ireland to spend time with them.

Today I was talking to my mum about goals and how they tie with this blog. I told her that the reason why I am doing this blog is to talk about each day and how I am going to keep focused on my goals.

She asked me what my goals are and obviously I said the same goals as I told you with my last post. I got a bit of feedback, their are wayyyy too wooly. So I am going to change them but only slightly.

Instead of just learning the french language I am going to aim to read a french book and actually understand it. now which book and by when I have no idea but I am looking.

Second goal was to learn the french system, bank systems, documentation and such… but that is not a goal, instead go through day to day to learn when you need to and just write that down.

Third Goal was to learn events managing. THIS IS AN ACTUAL GOAL WAYYY!! So I am thinking instead of events I will instead learn digital marketing and do a course so I have this skill by the end of this year. Once I have the time I will start looking for online courses to see whats out there.

Forth goal was to get back into art. That is again too wooly, too open, too easy to procrastinate at. So instead I am going to aim to produce something per month, a watercolour painting, a drawing, a painting using acrylics or oils (two things that are very much outside my comfort zone), learning a new technique.

Now the actual goal of this blog…

I have been thinking about this for a while. It keeps changing, one minute is to force me to get out of my comfort zone, the next is to make me learn new things so I can actually write about something interesting.

The first goal of this blog is to write, write everyday about something. That something is the tricky part but I think it will be about my days, my dream jobs, my experiences and so on.

The Second goal of this blog is to get me back to how I was. That does not make sense but still a goal. my before self was active, I was knowledgeable, people used to come to me for advice. I was that person that was both an immature annoyance and a wise mature child. This blog will be my starting point to get back into the things I love; environment, art, fashion, philosophy, psychology and so on.

Now that I have finally given myself actual goals. I am going to start doing things. Things that will get me closer to achieving each of them.

Until next time

Never change, your perfect.

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