The Journey Begins Here

After researching how to start a blog, I found the first post can either make or break it’s success, and why? because it’s the big introduction, the big HELLO!..

So here I am, saying hello.

I am a twenty year old man-child who is as lazy as can be. I am the sort of person who would rather stay in and play a shoot’em up game than go out for a run.

So I am not a millennial stereotype (or am I? depending on your view)

I do have a small addiction to social media, Facebook and Instagram. I will admit to leaving online conversations because I get distracted easily. And even though I check my phone every 5 minutes I am surprisingly hard to get in touch with.

I am who I am.

I am saying goodbye to those pesky bad habits and addictions, goodbye to lazing around on my days off, goodbye to those cancerous sticks and goodbye to my ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ attitude.  Its time to change not only the way I live but my entire mentality.

Did you know:

Any habit takes 66 days to become normal

and 21 days to break

this is what European Journal of Social Psychology found out.

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